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Welcome to The Dog Care Center!   We are Southern Africa’s go-to source for Training, Boarding, Showing and Caring for your dogs!   We are located in Gaborone and will provide pickup service to Gaborone and the surrounding areas.

We have been training dogs for over 15 years and currently have a large base of thousands of satisfied customers.

Our Training Programs run from 4 weeks to 12 weeks depending on the dog and desired results that our customers are looking for.  Each of our programs is custom tailored to your dog and you individual needs.  We train all type of dogs:

  • Uncontrollable dogs
  • Pure bred dogs for  professional showing
  • Security dogs to provide protection to your person or home or business
  • Government and Police dogs

We can assure your satisfaction.  We are trained to teach dogs for government jobs such as prison security, drug and explosive protection and alarm activation.

The owner has been trained and holds multiple certifications to provide any type of training you or your dog should need.  All of our handlers have been trained to provide dog training, dog handling, grooming and training.  Our entire staff treats each and every animal as our own and with tender loving care.  We never beat our animals into submission but rather convince them psychologically to act the way they are taught. We will show you specifically what you need to do after training to maintain your dog at it’s best performance.

We provide additional services including:

  • Security Consultancy, Development and Empowerment
  • Kennel Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Dog Grooming including, shampoo, brush, cut, nail trimming, ear cleaning
  • Dipping to rid flees and ticks
  • Veterinarian and breeder referals
  • Personal dog handling
  • Dog Boarding